Bra-Very Bar, the second edition of the project for Milan Design Week 2023

Discover the project Bra-Very Bar made by IAAD., Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute

Scopri il Bra-Very Bar: il progetto di IAAD. per il Fuorisalone 2023


From 18th to 22th April

Dropcity – Milan

From 18 to 22 April, in the futuristic location of Dropcity, IAAD., Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute will take to Milan Design Week 2023, the second edition of the BRA-VERY BAR.

5 days in which the students from the 20 schools of the AD Education Group, will be involved in a joint work on 5 workshops structured in 5 areas, in which Ethics and Aesthetics dialogue and confront through contemporary themes with the attention to the planet and to the human being.

Inspiring the new generation of designers are five big names in sportswear, automotive, communications, sound design, and the third sector: Decathlon, Pinfinfarina, Huawei, Unicef, and Glauk Sound. In the 5 days you can also visit the exhibition “Arrigo Arrighetti. A public architect“, dedicated to the architect and urban planner who in the sixties and seventies created public buildings among the most interesting and innovative in Milan.

Day by day Program

18th April – 10AM-6PM

Ethical Sport

Workshop realized in collaboration with Decathlon


  • 10AM-11AM: Motivational Speech
  • 10.30AM-5PM: Workshop
  • 5PM-6PM: Presentation of workshop results


We Care

In September 2022 Decathlon launched Adapted Sports, a new brand whose mission is to create products to permit to disabled people to practice sports in autonomy and in an inclusive way.

Students together with the Decathlon Adapted Sports team will have to design a project to communicate this new collection, a communication plan mindful of online and offline project on owned, paid and earned media with a full funnel approach.

The campaign’s objective? Let Adapted Sports become the favourite brand for people with disabilities.

Project leaders Decathlon: Sabrina Bonanno – Adapted Sports Product Manager, Alessia Tagioretti – Adapted Sports Communication Leader and Marco Melacini – product digitalisation.

Project leader IAAD.: Barbara Borio – Marketing professor IAAD.

Motivational speaker: Alessandro Carvani Minetti – Chairman at TICAMI

19th April – 10AM-6PM

Ethical Movement

Workshop realized in collaboration with Huawei


  • 10AM-11AM: Motivational Speech
  • 10.30AM-5PM: Workshop
  • 5PM-6PM: Presentation of workshop results


Human intelligence in cars

Huawei is a worldwide company with a huge background in creating, developing and producing INTELLIGENCE in communication and products.
We are interested in understanding how a company with such a background can disrupt the aesthetic of cars.
How can we make the exterior of a car look “smarter” and more intelligent?
How can consumer electronic products influence a new era of automotive design?

Project leaders Huawei: Luca Borgogno – Chief Automotive Officer HUAWEI Milan Aesthetic Research Center and Davide Varenna – Lead exterior designer HUAWEI Milan Aesthetic Research Center

Project leader IAAD.: Dario Olivero – Coordinator for the Transportation Design I Level Academic Diploma Course and Master

Motivational speaker: Marco Paretti – Author at Will Media

20th April – 10AM-6PM

Ethical Speaking

Workshop realized in collaboration with Unicef


  • 10AM-11AM: Motivational Speech
  • 10.30AM-5PM: Workshop
  • 5PM-6PM: Presentation of workshop results


Non si può più dire niente…? (We can no longer say anything…?)

Language mirrors society and vice versa: through language we can reiterate and confirm prejudices, often without even realizing it; but we can also eradicate and overcome them, if we’re brave enough.

Yes, brave: because letting go of the old, even if it’s about an idiom, is often scary. It makes us think that we’re no longer allowed to say anything. Is it really the case, or are we just looking for ways to not question ourselves?

UNICEF promotes its “OPS!” campaign which, now at the threshold of its third edition, is centred on racism as well as gender and sexual orientation biases, from an intersectional perspective.

During the workshop you will be designing contents for other young people t bring awareness on unconscious biases. Language, and the society in which it is used, mirror each other and working on language thus means training to recognize and overcome one’s own biases, especially unconscious ones.

Project leaders Unicef: Federica Tornincasa – UNICEF Intersectional Discrimination Consultant

Project leader Accademia Italiana: Christian Ludovici – Coordinator for the Design I Level Academic Diploma Course

Project leader IAAD.: Vladimir Soto – Visual Communication Design professor in IAAD. and brand strategist & creative director at bebooming.

Motivational speaker:Gabriella Crafa – Diversity Lab Vice President

21st April – 10AM-6PM

Ethical Living

Workshop realized in collaboration with Pininfarina


  • 10AM-11AM: Motivational Speech
  • 10.30AM-5PM: Workshop
  • 5PM-6PM: Presentation of workshop results


Walking into the future

The most sustainable means of transportation are our feet. The objective is to reimagine footwear as a true tool for facilitating travel. This would have to be from both a performance and adaptability point of view and an emotional point of view ensuring a user experience that gratifies the act of walking. 

The workshop is oriented to the designing of footwear for different uses, scenarios, people, all in respect of an ethical and sustainable use.

Among the numerous aspects to be considered during the design project, the most important are:

  • User experience – designing shoes for everyday use, for people with specific needs or with disabilities.
  • Production and logistic – the design process has to plan for sustainable production and shipping systems.
  • Reuse and recycle – the design process has to consider repairability, disassembly, recycling of material and components of the footwear.

Future scenarios – how can shoes become a new mobility solution?

Project leaders Pininfarina: Prianjali Kapur – Lead Strategic Designer Pininfarina

Project leader IAAD.: Davide Negri – Coordinator for the Product Design I Level Academic Diploma Course

Motivational speaker: Troy Nachtigall – Chaired Professor of Fashion Research and Technology, Primus Inter Pares of the Faculty of Digital, Media, and Creative Industries

22nd April – 10AM-6PM

Ethical Sound(Scapes)

Workshop realized in collaboration with Glauk Sound


  • 10AM-11AM: Motivational Speech
  • 10.30AM-5PM: Workshop
  • 5PM-6PM: Presentation of workshop results


Sound Matters

The enjoyment of audio content is now a fundamental part in the design of spaces and experiences. This workshop investigates the interactions between Glauk Sound’s innovative technology, which allows any material to transform into a sound speaker, and the objects of our everyday life: how do surfaces interact with each other transforming the space on a sonic level, in a symbiotic relationship between transducer and material?

By applying sound design techniques, we can experiment how it’s possible to create unique sound instruments from objects that have ended their life cycle, by exploiting the properties of the materials from which they are made. This approach promotes creativity, circularity and regeneration through the use of objects which, having exhausted their primary function, would otherwise be destined for destruction. Participants will design sound elements whose material and functional identity expands through their ability to generate sound, exploring the acoustic potential of glass, wood, cardboard and other materials.

Project leaders Glauk Sound: Alessandro Bollini – Glauk Sound Founder

Project leader SAE Institute: Riccardo Giovinetto – professor of Sound Design at SAE Institute Milan

Motivational speaker: Lorenzo Palmeri – Designer and musician

Everyday – 10AM-6PM

Arrigo Arrighetti. A public architect


Arrigo Arrighetti (1922-1989) was an Italian architect and urban planner.

After graduating in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, Arrighetti became head of the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of Milan. In this role, he was responsible for many public buildings built throughout the 1950s and 60s. These included social housing complexes, schools, markets, offices, swimming pools and religious centres.

Arrighetti’s work is characterized by innovation and attention to form, as well as to architectural structures and construction details. His architectures bring together various fields of expertise, from urban planning to social and economic theory and practice.

The exhibition “Arrigo Arrighetti. A public architect” shows the main works of this master of Italian architecture, who has long been neglected by critics. A unique figure on the international scene, Arrighetti was able to combine a deep commitment to social welfare with high-quality projects.

In the exhibition, Arrighetti’s works are presented through a series of bespoke photographic images created by photographer and visual artist Pino Musi, alongside the architect’s own drawings of plans, sections and rooftops.

The young architects’ collective HPO designed the exhibition. HPO was asked to dialogue with Arrighetti’s work, and drew inspiration from it to generate a creative conversation between master and student.

Curator:Salvatore Porcaro

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