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Master’s Courses




Start date:

February 2023



Building on its 40 years of experience in design and communication education, IAAD. launches its first Master’s in Communication & Branding Design for Food at its campus in Bologna, a city known worldwide for its gastronomic tradition.

Building on its 40 years of experience in design and communication education, IAAD. launches its first Master’s in Communication & Branding Design for Food at its campus in Bologna, a city known worldwide for its gastronomic tradition.


Start date: February 2023
Duration: 10 months
Format: Part-time – 2 Weekends (Friday and Saturday) per month
Language: Italian
Structure: 3 modules of 3 months each + 1 full immersion week
Campus: Bologna
Coordinators: Riccardo Pirazzoli and Tommaso Melilli
Contact: masterbologna@iaad.it

Course Overview

Given its unique geographical structure and climate, Italy’s land is among the richest cradles of biodiversity in Europe. For centuries, this incredible natural and cultural heritage has led the people and communities of our country to invent and create products and ideas that have been exported all over the world.

But Italy has changed, and continues to change: those who grow, raise, process, produce and cook in our country face new challenges every day. Seasons change, geographies shift, new generations with different tastes look for new ideas and products. The public, in general, becomes more sensitive, sophisticated and demanding, demonstrating that nostalgia for tradition can perfectly coexist with modern ethics and respect for the work and words one chooses. International markets are also changing, opening up in Europe and especially in Asia, avenues that until a few years ago seemed impassable. In our countryside, against the backdrop of the coming plant-based revolution and the demand for sustainability and well-being, ancient products, memories and practices are being reborn alongside new technologies.

In light of all this, and, appropriately, at its Bologna location, IAAD. has created a Master’s degree designed to train food communication professionals who will not just describe good things to eat, but who will turn every idea and every dish into something good to think about, to imagine and to discuss, with the ambition of exploring what future trends in the sector will be.

Why study Communication & Branding Design for Food Design at IAAD. Bologna?

The Master’s program’s integrated and project-based educational approach is an ideal training solution for those who want to work in communication as it applies to food design, given that:

Master’s Program

The curriculum focuses on three areas:

1) an in-depth and dynamic study of the tradition, tensions and contemporary trends in the field;

2) the qualitative and quantitative data analysis needed for scientific observation and analysis that will inform strategic decisions;

3) design workshops in which guests from small and medium-sized emerging and innovative companies will lead participants toward real challenges and missions. Several partner companies will contribute to enriching the course in this way.

General Information

The Master’s degree in Communication & Branding Design for Food is envisioned for different target groups, including recent graduates of communication, marketing and graphic design programs, professionals and entrepreneurs in the food sector, and those eager to start a new career path.

The first group will be able to apply and strengthen their skills in dynamic and varied fields such as food and branding, providing them with the training to present new and updated looks to small and large companies.

The second and third groups will have the opportunity to acquire multiple useful tools to analyze and plan their own strategic communication internally, with a unique narrative and style that is relevant to their own world, as well as to reinvent and present their own personal stories within this context.

Career Service

In order to offer its students the best opportunities on the market for creative professionals, IAAD. manages contacts between its students and the professional world, introducing its graduates to the top businesses in their fields. IAAD. has fostered relationships with companies that has resulted in a regularly updated database of businesses that continuously contact the Institute to find young, talented professionals to fill open positions.


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