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Master’s Courses


IAAD. e Scuola Holden uniscono le proprie eccellenze nel Master in Visual and writing storytelling



Start date:

APRIL 2023



Scuola Holden and IAAD., both renowned for their excellence, collaborate to offer the Master’s Course in Writing and Visual Storytelling – Between Word and Image: an innovative course aimed at training professionals to become new storytellers able to integrate word and image to conceive, construct, and express stories that can be adapted to different areas of communication.

Scuola Holden and IAAD., both renowned for their excellence, collaborate to offer the Master’s course in Writing and Visual Storytelling – Between Word and Image: an innovative course aimed at training professionals to become new storytellers able to integrate word and image to conceive, construct, and express stories that can be adapted to different areas of communication.


Start date: April 2023
Duration: 10 months
Language: Italian
Campus: Turin
Coordinator: Andrea Bozzo

It is possible to integrate this course with the Preliminary Module in Graphic Design (February– April 2023).

Course Overview

Now more than ever we feel the urgency of imagining unprecedented educational programming to prepare for professions in the field of communication that are appropriate to the world we inhabit, a world undergoing historic transformations that on one hand force us to reposition ourselves and on the other open up new opportunities and new tools (consider, for example, what happens in the field of information, starting with media such as newspapers, television, podcasts, and ending with new ways of fruition).

There is nothing new under the sun. Still, needs change and the rules of the game change. Faced with a demand for the professional skills needed to meet new challenges, as high-level training institutions we offer educational and cultural responses centered on the training of professionals who are able to interpret and develop these new trends. 

In tracing the changes in modern communication (usually defined as from the early 1900s to the present), it becomes clear how the context (politics, sociology, scientific and technical discoveries, conflicts, etc.) has directed its course. 

The spread of Fordism and the concept of mass production helped to establish graphic design as a universal language, making use of tools such as branding, brand identity (Peter Behrens and AEG, for example) and infographics (such as the tube or Isotype system) and pointing to graphic designers as priests of a new world. Modernization and mass consumption brought advertisers to the forefront, opening the field to the future digitalization and fragmentation of media and tools, to computer scientists, strategists and content creators.

And today?

The emerging figure is a professional who can move with agility throughout the different worlds of communication, who is able to master languages that differ from each other, such as word and image, borrowing from each to create new narratives. This person will be capable of taking on the creative direction of a communication project, from below the line to ADV, from publishing to political communication, from seriality to new digital channels.

Master’s program

The goal of the master’s program is to enhance the participants’ creative process, to add that missing part exactly as if learning a new language. 

In this way, a visual designer will complement his or her skills with the power of the word (written or spoken), and a storyteller will gain the power of images.

Held together by the common thread of storytelling, the course includes three defined areas and a series of cross-curricular workshops, the FUORIPISTAs.

The Master’s teaching methodology is defined by teaching moments, always project-based in nature, with presentations and reviews with faculty and colleagues given particular didactic relevance.

Each module consists of:

  • Lessons
  • Lectures
  • FUORIPISTA workshops
  • The Perfections – collective presentations and reviews


    • Fiction Writing.  A course on the foundations of writing techniques for short stories and novels.
    • Copywriting. The other side of writing, broadly understood as focusing on describing and discussing products.
    • Screenwriting. This course will help you discover the mechanisms, rules and secrets of film writing to turn a plot into a script. It complements the course on writing, training writers to be 360° storytellers.
    • Orality & Pitching. From the basics of speaking aloud to public speaking, with a focus on constructing and exhibiting briefs and, in general, expressing one’s creative ideas in front of an audience.
      The course will conclude with a focus on pitching techniques: a hands-on workshop in which students will practice pitching a project in a few minutes in a preparatory workshop preceding the final presentation of their work in front of companies.
    • Perception. A course that will lead students to investigate our relationship with images, from the physical, neurological and biological reactions they elicit to the weight of cultural, social and historical context.
    • Composition. How are images constructed? What is the relationship between technique and intuition? Is it possible to decode an individual’s creative process? How do you build that room of wonders that contains and expands your visual heritage? And finally: how do you respond to the needs of the client and the type of audience?
    • Use. How are images used? Graphics, photography, video and illustrations, for example, are visual elements that modify and determine the narrative according to the environment in which they are used, which can be more traditional (fashion, food, publishing) or new digital frontiers (memes, TikTok, AI).
      The goal of this Master’s program is to lead students to harness the potential of images and to identify the stylistic features of different fields to be able to integrate, reinterpret and rename them depending on the type of storytelling required.
    Four fleeting forays to deconstruct what we think we know in order to look at it from a new point of view.
    • Wonders. Training in amazement and estrangement by looking with new eyes at the already seen, through the discovery and exploration of creative worlds we thought we knew, be it Renaissance art or pop culture.
    • Vacillations. The precariousness of the world we inhabit in these times is disorienting. There are few certainties, many pitfalls and a myriad of possibilities. We will learn a dynamic balance that allows us to treasure these shocks to our systems.
    • Pressure. A hands-on workshop to save your skin in every situation. The workshop is a continuation of the FUORIPISTA dedicated to Instability. It will consist of surprise activities in which students will find themselves in “crisis” situations to be solved in the shortest possible time.
    • Gymnasium. Gymnasium. Readings, viewings, visits, travels, discoveries and explorations that include books, movies, series, comics, stores, museums and everything else you can look at. Stimuli to broaden one’s cultural background and enrich it with new insights that might become useful for one’s craft.


The instructional approach of the Master’s program is characterized by face-to-face lectures and workshops with compulsory attendance. Active class participation and the timely fulfillment of all assignments are required. In addition, students must develop a final project that will be evaluated by the committee in the examination period.

Classes will be held at Scuola Holden and IAAD.

During the academic year, Scuola Holden and IAAD. may organize educational visits to companies, exhibitions and museums, special workshops, and meetings with relevant professionals.

General Information


Applications for the program must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Optional portfolio

The Master Coordinator, assisted by the Course Council, will evaluate the applications received.

Holden and IAAD. reserve the right to ask the candidate(s), when deemed necessary, for an additional interview. The result of the application will be communicated by the Guidance Office to each candidate.

Candidates who are unfamiliar with visual communication may enroll in the Preliminary Module in Graphic Design (February – April 2023), aimed at building the graphic design skills needed to enter the Master’s program.


The Master’s program includes a thesis project in collaboration with a company in the sector. The project is developed through an initial briefing with the partner company and subsequent discussion meetings with its representatives that continue until the final presentation of the thesis.

Career Service

In order to offer its students the best opportunities on the market for creative professionals, IAAD. manages contacts between its students and the professional world, introducing its graduates to the top businesses in their fields. IAAD. has fostered relationships with companies that has resulted in a regularly updated database of businesses that continuously contact the Institute to find young, talented professionals to fill open positions.

Career Paths

The Master’s program is proposed as an advanced training course for all professions related to Communication, among them:

  • Communication consultant (per companies and institutions)
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Storyteller
  • Content creator
  • Photo editor 


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