In order to facilitate the entry of its students into the professional market, IAAD has signed a partnership with The Adecco Group, international leader in human resources management.

The collaboration includes a path structured in several steps that has as its final goal Career Day, a day of meetings between students and companies in which all undergraduates of the current academic year present their portfolio to an equal number of IAAD partner companies.

The format is built around one-on-one interviews between students and companies aimed at facilitating the match between supply and demand, giving prospective employers the opportunity to quickly meet and intercept the best IAAD talents.



A few figures regarding Career Day 2018:
• 1,600 interviews
• 160 undergraduates
• 160 companies involved
• 230 recruiters
• 10 hours of one-on-one interviews



  Press Release

The 2019 edition of Career Day recorded has been growing significantly over the previous year, increasing the number of participating companies and drawing attention from the national and specialized press.

A few figures regarding Career Day 2019:
• 2,000 interviews
• 200 undergraduates
• 200 companies involved
• 300 recruiters
• 10 hours of one-on-one interviews