Interior design – 2012
Interior designer at Studio65 Torino – Project Manager for Il Mercante di Nuvole

After graduating in graphic design at the Art School Ego Bianchi of Cuneo, I wanted to combine the skills acquired previously to the interior design, to cultivate my passion for design.
Currently I work on private residential projects in the Arab countries and for a year I take care of the bodywork design of the exhibition ‘The Clouds Merchant. Studio65: fifty years of the future, monographic exhibition of the first 50 years of life Studio65 Torino studio of architecture and interior with which currently collaborate.

Experience in IAAD was an ever evolving path, that saw me change. Every year has been marked by different approaches, from the design intended as technical representation, through the use of design programs and graphic development up to the understanding of the intended project not only as a solution aesthetic and stylistic, but also functional and practical.