Transportation design – 2008
Lead Exterior Designer in Ferrari

I was born in Milan in 1986, I grew up in Rome and there, in 2005, I graduated at artistic high school. In the Autumn of the same year I moved to Turin, and I started to attend the IAAD where I learned the skills of car design.
In the academic period I compare myself everyday with field professionals, improving my ability to analyze and to solve problems about projects development. The VW 2+1 Noce Scrambler was an example of this mine ability. But the concept I still love in a particular way was Alfa Romeo Summa, a solution in which I combined the tradition with ecological needs in an hybrid vehicle.
This was my project of thesis and I realized it with great satisfaction, in a 1:4 scale in collaboration with Alfa Romeo.

Thanks to IAAD I did a stage at Pininfarina, between 2007 and 2008.
In the Autumn of 2008, Centro Stile Bertone of Turin have offered to me a job of the duration of two years. I worked under the guide of Mike Robnson who made me participate to the creation of the prototype of Alfa Romeo Pandion, based on a my concept.
In 2010 an unbelievable dream came true: I became part of the new team of Centro Stile Ferrari at Maranello, directed by architect Flavio Manzoni, great expert of car design.
I gave my contribute to the first “sign” of new course: the top model of Ferrari, which will replace the Enzo, was presented at Salone di Ginevra.