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Davide Negri

Coordinator of the Product Design Department

Turin – Bologna

Product design

Architect and designer, Davide Negri is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

In 2001 he founded his own studio, dealing mainly with furniture, lighting, interior  and exhibition design. Over his career he has received Numerous awards, including the Compasso D’Oro International Award (Young Project Mention) and the AD Architectural Digest Young Designers Award (Special Mention Young & Design Award). He has been also professor at Polytechnic University of Milan collaborates with numerous brands including LOVEtheSIGN, MULAC Cosmetics, Officine Tamborrino, Gruppo Doimo, Tonon Italia, Gruppo Sintesi, Faber, Element-s, Plastecnic, Sforzin Illuminazione, Braga Illuminazione, Gattinoni Casa, L’Oréal, Vichy and Redken.

He deals with design in all its forms, including product design, art direction and strategic consulting for innovation and development of new brands.


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