Sergio Galasso

Coordinator of the Undergraduate Course in Social Innovation design at IAAD. Turin

Sergio Galasso, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Course in Social Innovation design



Social Innovation design

Academic background in international and diplomatic relations at Orientale University of Naples and master’s degree in international cooperation, a field in which he has worked with experience in the United Nations, international NGOs and several field projects.
Since 2013 he has been working on social and cultural design, local development strategies and culturally based territorial regeneration. He works with companies, PA, foundations and third sector on issues of social sustainability, change management and community development.
An adjunct lecturer at Bocconi, he has taught at the Milan Polytechnic and in several nationally relevant Master’s degrees in which he addresses the issues of social project management, social innovation and the main challenges related to cultural-based territorial regeneration processes.
Since February 2012, he is founder of Itinerari Paralleli APS and since 2019 of Itinerari Paralleli srl social enterprise. Both entities operate in Italy and abroad in the field of territorial regeneration, promoting the conception, design and implementation of cultural content and social innovation actions.
From October 2013 to December 2018, he contributed to the birth and growth of the Mare Culturale Urbano cultural center in Milan.


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