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Design the impossible: design and utopia to reread reality

Team Leader: Enrico Tarò


19-24 February 2024

IAAD. Turin

Current social, environmental, and economic criticalities highlight one of the major boundaries to be permeated and eroded: the one limiting and containing the transition towards an equitable and sustainable society. Crossing that line requires a radical shift in organizational and management practices globally.
The workshop is a training camp for programmatic and design imagination, space, and time to question the role of design and designers in defining and resolving critical systemic issues that threaten the global future. Starting from the collective analysis of production and consumption phenomena, it will be possible to imagine directions to follow to go beyond the limits. The collective discussion will have a prominent space in the week-long workshop, wanting to take the participants along a path of reflection and exchange.
Stimuli and tools belonging to ecological and social design, sociology, philosophy, economics, research, creativity and commoning will be included.
The workshop week wants to produce as output one or more imaginative reports in the form of utopian and futuristic scenarios about production and consumption dynamics in society, built on the elaboration of contents and dynamics met along the path. The reports can be, ideally, a printed product composed of textual and visual contents.

Enrico Tarò

Designer, cultural worker and independent researcher, interested in the development of new forms of collectivity and participation through artistic and cultural languages.
Trained at the Politecnico di Torino and Libera Università di Bolzano, he develops his own practice in the associative, socio-cultural, and territorial fields, building connections and dialogue between them and a plurality of creative languages.
Since 2018, with Amphibia and Sandwich, he has been involved in the organization and production of musical events connected to contemporary sound research and graphic research.
Since 2021 he’s part of the development of Habitat (, a cult(r)ural settlement and permanent collective laboratory that welcomes and develops life (and publishing) practices, within and beyond the local dimension. Based on the Appennini of Tredozio (FC), the project aims to question the cultural production in internal, rural, and marginal areas of Italy, as well as to offer a space equipped for periods of artistic creation.
In 2023, with the other members of Habitat, he co-designs and produces the itinerant and widespread festival “Habitare: nuove prospettive cult(r)urali”, a tool for cultural regeneration and of investigation on conditions, limits, and dreams for life of internal areas.
He also works on education and pedagogical workshops from the sound, radiophonic and graphic dimensions.

Amongst its practices, he worked with: MoreArt (New York), Terraforma (Milano), SPRINT – Independent Publishers and Artists’ Book Salon (Milano), Museion (Bolzano), By Design or by Disaster (Bolzano), Fondazione Sandretto Re REbaudengo (Torino), Accademia di Belle Arti “G. Carrara” (Bergamo), Ptwschool (Milano), Pagal Records (Delhi), Torino Fringe Festival (Torino), VisAVis (Copenhagen), Friends Make Books (Torino), Print Club (Torino), Slow Food – Cheese Bra (CN), DistrettoA (Faenza), MEI (Faenza).