Team Leaders: Dario Olivero e Alessandro Argenio


19-24 febbraio 2024

IAAD. Torino

The “Borderless Mobility Design Workshop” invites participants to engage in a collaborative exploration of mobility scenarios free from physical constraints, mindsets, and service limitations, with a deep focus on placing the human experience at its core.
This workshop aims to foster creativity, innovation, and a forward-thinking mindset by encouraging participants to challenge traditional perspectives on mobility. By envisioning a world where individuals are empowered to move seamlessly and effortlessly, participants will delve into the design of mobility landscapes that cater to diverse needs, promote inclusivity, and prioritize sustainability by defining new borderless mobility scenarios.
By encouraging participants to challenge traditional perspectives on mobility, the workshop aims to inspire innovative ideas and rethink. It provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering diverse perspectives to shape mobility’s future holistically and inclusively.

Dario Olivero

Dario Olivero is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for car design. His motto, “live the dream, follow your passion” is reflected in his commitment to pursue his dreams and his passion for car design.
After graduating in Transportation-Car Design in Turin in 2006, Dario began his career as a car designer at the I.De.A Institute, where he had the opportunity to put his skills in car design into practice by contributing to significant projects for international brands, both in the fields of car design and industrial products. At the same time, he began a career as academic lecturer for Design universities in Turin, teaching car design courses.
In 2009 he founded his design studio in Turin, DORODESIGN®. Through his professional experience and the foundation of his studio, Dario demonstrated his versatility as a multidisciplinary designer. His interest in car design has extended to different areas of design, allowing him to work on projects ranging from automotive to product and furniture design.
This diversification allowed him to acquire a broader vision of design and to enrich his professional practice with an integrated and innovative perspective, also recognised through design awards such as the Red Dot Design Award.

Alessandro Argenio

Currently, as Programme Director at Umeå Institute of Design, he is leading the MFA Transportation Design and researching uncharted scenarios at the intersection of Mobility & Interaction design to move people, goods, and spaces in a more sustainable, accessible, and equitable way. After graduating from IAAD, in the last 13 years, he has worked internally or with clients such as IDEO, Google, Ford, and Arduino, among others, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the US.