Since October 2013 – thanks to an agreement between the City of Turin, Lavazza and IAAD – the home of the University of Turin is within the next Lavazza headquarters and develops in a historic industrial building at the corner of Via Pisa and Via Bologna, a few steps from the river Dora and Royal Gardens.

The project related to the new headquarters IAAD, designed by architects Cino Zucchi and Cristiano Picco, saw interventions enhancement and functional recovery, with attention to formal and structural values ​​of the historic building. The project has complied with the instructions of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, as it – along with the former Power Station in via Bologna – a complex of recognized historical and cultural value. The work therefore does not alter the character established over time and the exterior design of the facilities, in respect of the relationship between the building and the surrounding urban fabric.

“The City sees a very positive synergy between these private institutions, with two excellent Turin, from different sectors, working together to develop common projects – said the Mayor of the City of Torino Piero Fassino at the ribbon cutting of the new headquarters – The new settlement, of IAAD first and Lavazza then, will have a positive impact on the neighborhood and the entire city: on the one hand that works as a university research incubator, with a positive effect on the economy then; the other company that concretely demonstrates its commitment to redevelopment of an important part of the city. A redevelopment is “material”, thanks to a prestigious architectural design and infrastructure works related to it; it is “cultural”, having favored the setting up of young university confirming the vocation of Turin in higher education “.

The new IAAD headquarters has 3,000 square meters available for educational activities, exhibitions and conferences. This consolidates the role of Turin as the capital of higher education.




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