Martina Girardo

Undergraduate Course in Textile & Fashion design

Martina Girardo, alumna IAAD. del corso in Textile & Fashion Design

Best graduated


Textile & Fashion design

My name is Martina Girardo, and I was born on 05/07/2000 in Vado Ligure, a small town in Liguria near Savona. Since I was a child, I felt a strong attraction to art and the creative world. I spent entire days in solitude in my room, creating small projects that allowed me to immerse myself in a world of textures and colors.

As I grew up, I decided to attend the Arturo Martini artistic high school in Savona, where I delved into the fine arts and art history. Once completed, I felt the need to explore new artistic languages. Fashion became a powerful and immediate expressive method for me, extremely impactful and avant-garde, allowing me to give space to my reflections and creative attitude.
I moved to Turin to attend IAAD. in the Fashion program, starting a new life in a large city completely absorbed by a free, inclusive, and forward-looking reality.

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