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The energy of brave words

in collaboration with REPOWER


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The main idea of the “BRA-VERY BAR” project deals with the concept of  “the courage to change“, understood as the ability to subvert or re-design – but also re-program – the daily rituals that define styles of unsustainable life or impact on the environment.

In the specific case of REPOWER the attention is focused on the elaboration of some messages useful to transmit this meaning of “courage“, also connected to a conscious use of energy.

The laboratory is therefore oriented to develop, even in the synthesis of the time available, a series of Claims that may have the ambition of triggering a reflection on the theme. IAAD., In synergy with the other selected students of the AD Education Group, intends to collaborate with Scuola Holden to “design” words of interest, of impact, then taking care to finalize the output with which these can be disseminated.

Regarding this point it is assumed that cargo bike LAMBRO are used as a “display” in motion, developing effect graphics that can dress the vehicles in an original way and spread a thought.

The project of the word and that of its appearance intersect, in a laboratory that is certainly “courageous” and characterized by a certain originality of practice.

The outcomes of the Workshop could affect vehicle liveries for a semester.

The central concept of this project could inaugurate an ad-hoc communication season, it can in fact be hypothesized that, at regular intervals, the REPOWER E-Cargo Bikes can be “dressed” with different “courageous messages“, all created to raise awareness users to a more conscious use of energy resources.

Motivational speech by Makio Hasuike – Designer, architect 

Workshop Leader: Luca Scarlini – Essayist, playwright, storyteller

Project Leader:

  • Alessandro Avataneo – Scuola Holden professor


The Repower Group, active in the electricity sector for over 100 years and with its headquarters in Poschiavo (Canton of Grisons), is among the earliest Swiss operators in generation from renewable sources and operates on the main European power exchanges as well as on the entire energy market, Swiss and Italian.

Since 2002, Repower has been active in Italy, where it has exclusively addressed to companies, generating a turnover that in 2020 exceeded one billion euros out of a total of approximately 1.6 billion of the Group, and offering its consulting approach to over 35 thousand customers in Italy.

Innovation, design and attention to sustainability are the hallmarks of Repower’s approach to the Italian market, where it boasts a rich portfolio of services and products with a pioneering spirit, focusing on the supply of commodities (electricity and gas), of charging tools and solutions for energy efficiency.

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