Frequent Asked Questions about IAAD. courses

When the application dates are published?

Based on the type of course of interest (e.g. undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s) the application dates follow the admission process.

For further information please contact our Guidance Office and book a meeting.

The title I get after a course of three/five years is equivalent to a degree obtained in other universities such as public universities?

The degrees awarded by IAAD. are Academic Diplomas at the first level (equivalent to a three-year bachelor’s degree) and second level (equivalent to a two-year master’s degree), the latter in the process of being accredited for the 2022-23 academic year, and Academic Master’s Diplomas at the first level, compliant with the AFAM-ISIA system.

When does the academic year starts?

After completing the admission process, few weeks before the beginning of the course, our Academic Office will contact you in order to give all the information about our courses, such as the official calendar of lessons.

What are the career opportunities after masters?

Our Job Placement Office has the mission of helping our students to find the best professional opportunities through our partners network, composed of more than 5.000 companies, leaders in their industries.

Are there courses in English?

How can I enter if I’m from a foreign country?

Please find all the information related to international students in the page https://www.iaad.it/en/admissions/international-students/.

What accommodations are available in the Institute?

IAAD. supports off-site students in the search for housing solutions and/or temporary accommodation, in addition to the university residences option.

This service shares contacts and references so that students can find accommodation to match their preferences and others to share housing with.

What IELTS score is needed for Master’s in Transportation Design program?

In order to attend our Master’s you need at least a B2 level.

Can I enter your Institute this year if I didn’t pass the test?

Passing the admission test is mandatory in order to attend our undergraduate courses: if you don’t pass the test it’s impossible to complete the admission process.