Generative Music and Soundscapes

Team Leader: Elia Pellegrino


19-24 February 2024

IAAD. Turin

In this hyper-connected society, we’re increasingly alone and in competition. Can music be a tool for inclusive communication?
Can we use machines to tell the story of our uniqueness and our frailties? Through artistic creation, we can explore and share the nuances of our humanity.
The workshop “Generative Music and Soundscapes” offers an exciting exploration into the vast universe of audio production, allowing students to immerse themselves in sound creation and gain foundational skills on Ableton Live.
The core of the workshop will be devoted to the creation of generative soundscapes. By harnessing the power of Ableton Live, combining sound layers, samples and effects, participants will be encouraged to explore their own creativity, resulting in unique and innovative compositions.

Elia Pellegrino

Elia Pellegrino is born in the colourful 80s and grows up in the province, near the mountains. As a boy he studied piano for a few years without really getting into it, more fascinated by the idea of playing his own stuff rather than reproducing music written by others. Then he starts using sequencers, synthesizers, experimenting with effects and finds his own dimension.
In the music he produces and the music he listens to, the most important element is always timbre. Melody, harmony, and rhythm, although fundamental, take a back seat.
The tracks are a mixture of samples, generated textures with granular synthesis, synthetic melodies, and acoustic sounds.
He played in the Pugile for several years with whom he produced two records and carried on the solo project AKE with which 3 records were released.