Turin meets Bologna: two cities more similar than the common perception can imagine. Universities with strong historical identity and great cultural and social excitement.

Thanks to an agreement with the City of Bologna, IAAD arrives in the Emilia-Romagna capital, mixing tradition and innovation, with a specific cultural commitment that aims to share experiences and knowledge in the direction of a common growth. All This creates a dynamic identity that is attentive to the demands of the territory, whose main goal remains the promotion of creativity, culture and design.

As in the case of Turin, the IAAD Bologna seat also emerges from an urban regeneration project. The area of around 1,500 square meters, dating from the early 1900s, originally hosted the Ovidio Vignoni factory, a leader in the manufacture of hand-decorated ceramic tiles and a true symbol of “Made in Italy” excellence. The building, severely damaged during bombings of the Second World War and rebuilt in the late 1940s, still reflects current architectural style and thought. 

As well as Turin, even for the Bolognese university the concept of reference is still based on openness and flexibility. Opennes as a sharing of knowledge, opportunity for comparison, exchange and transversality between disciplines and projects. Flexibility as a space transformation opportunity to ensure the optimum context for the various teaching activities: from special classes and lectures to individual and / or team design, from computer and theoretical lessons to presentations and presentations Events organized by IAAD for students and for the city.


IAAD Bologna

Via Jacopo Barozzi 3/i, 40126 – Bologna

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