The Bachelor in Product Design will be your springboard to a career as a Product Designer full of success

IAAD “Industrial design” department opened in 2005 as a natural evolution of the thirty-year expertise on product and visual communication.

The industrial design is concerned with the complex relationship between man and matter, declined in shapes and innovative features, useful and functional: from high-tech to fashion, from accessories to appliance, from objects of luxury to everyday use.

The industrial designer is a professional therefore able to implement innovative projects taking into account the needs of the end user and the prerogatives of systems production.

Gradual assimilation of all the skills necessary to operate in the field of industrial design

IAAD teaching method is based on Art College in Pasadena system, perhaps the most famous design school in the world, and provides for the gradual assimilation of four different skills: drawing, software use, modelling and final presentation of the product.

You begin by picking up a pencil and learn to manage the stretch and the prospect to place the object on the page, placing lights and shadows to perform the three-dimensionality. Of course, you must also learn to manage it all with specific software, in our case especially Photoshop, Illustrator and Rhino. Then you move on to the verbal description of the product and to modelling.

Program starts with the design of very simple things, to move progressively towards more complex and articulated projects: tools, clothing, appliances, and boats… During the last year you work in close collaboration with companies, which sponsor the projects and play the dual role of commissions and mentors.

Industrial design, a sector that provides countless opportunities

The field of industrial design is so wide that offers different opportunities to those who prove to be good professionals. Some people are more proficient with the computer, some other with drawing, some with presentation and communication, some with team management. Locating your specific talent and understanding what you should focus on and what not, is a milestone in personal learning process.

All this is facilitated by the active support of the partner companies of IAAD “Industrial design” department – special lectures, company visits, workshops, seminars, internships, projects and thesis – that provide students with opportunities to work with important designers from national and international companies.



I level Academic Diploma in Design (DIPL02) Specialization in Product design

Seat: Turin/Bologna Language: Italian  

Three-year course syllabus

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