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The course is structured to develop an important specialist in-depth study of the theories and practices of designing interior spaces – at different scales and intended uses – so that in these environments high levels of life quality can be guaranteed.

The course is structured to develop an important specialist in-depth study of the theories and practices of designing interior spaces – at different scales and intended uses – so that in these environments high levels of life quality can be guaranteed.


Starting date: Coming soon
Duration: 2 years
Language: Italian
Campus: Turin and Bologna

With this Postgraduate Course, IAAD. aims to prepare designers who can look at the world of interior design as an area of professional expression of passionate specificity; the main objective of this post-graduate program is to bring students to a concrete understanding of interior spaces, in their physical-geometric as well as perceptual and sensorial features, stimulating their creative skills useful for designing environments identified by high functionality and a concrete expressiveness.
The two-year program prepares to design and create private or public interiors, permanent or temporary, characterized by high conditions of general environmental comfort, educating students on the fronts of analog and digital knowledge and competence, to stimulate their ability to research and experiment with a view to developing their own, original, expressive language.

The spaces to be designed, which constitute the object of study on which to develop these advanced professional skills, concern the field of the non-temporary project – with particular reference to the residential theme – as well as design for the ephemeral – in the context of viewing design as an “installation”, this wide range includes the possibility of designing private places for living, for work, for leisure time, as well as public spaces of various kinds, including those designed for exhibition spaces.

The entire two-year period is aimed at forming specialists capable of concretely addressing the many fronts of interior architecture, with the aim of preparing them to express themselves with their own professional code that responds with “tailor-made” solutions for any task and user profile.

The academic approach is broad and transversal, including knowledge on the correct analysis and perception of spaces, on the modification of their dimensional connotations of surface and volume, as well as of the characteristics of style and finish; the idea of ​​reaching a deep, complete and correct understanding of the architectural object directs the entire study program, which includes important digressions on the technical – and technological – characteristics useful for guaranteeing high-level environmental comfort characteristics, but also on the equipment that “inhabits” the space and on its aesthetic functional characteristics.

The reference to the culture of the context, of the place in which the project is developed and finalized, is seriously considered with the objective of obtaining results that are not generic but specific, which concern the concept of “identity of place and project”.

Specific, in-depth focuses – about lighting or ergonomics, for example – are structurally integrated into the individual learning courses which, in their entirety, intend to be structured to guarantee all students the development of a high sensitivity towards respect for the environment, sustainable growth and the circular economy, but also for “Design for All” (inclusive design dedicated to an extended user).

The interdisciplinary nature of the courses leads to a natural link between them, also with a view to developing teaching synergies between clusters of instructors; in this context of open and horizontal relationships, the numerous, important professional activities are also developed and involve interaction with numerous partner realities, in the form of special lessons, company visits, workshops, seminars, internships, projects and thesis.

The ambitious educational objectives of the two-year course of this 2° Level Academic Diploma imply that the study plans always have specific supports that are constantly checked and updated, with the precise idea and the deep conviction that they can prepare interior, furniture and accessory designers that are conscientious, attentive and sensitive and distinguished by a serious interest in research, experimentation and innovation.

In addition to the specific design subjects, strongly related to the world of Interiors, the first year study plan also includes courses and activities on the semiotics of the project, on the techniques of representation and communication of the project, on the technology of materials, and on the theme of lighting technology. The second year, which further explores the specificity of the interior design project, includes courses and activities concerning communication for exhibition spaces, on the design of services and on multimedia languages.


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