November 26th 2016 from 3:30 pm in Via Pisa 5/d – Torino

What’s your dream? is an immersive experience in the first smart street in Torino, Via Pisa.

Promoted by Mizuno1906, in collaboration with IAAD, it is an event dedicated to the discovery of people’s dreams, who want to express the Dreamer inside themselves.
The experience will lead the participants in a path of expression, through photos, but even drawings and thoughts that will come alive on paper boards.
There will also moments of pure protagonism, in which each participant can express as Dreamer, by recording a video.
All participants will free their dreams into the universe… but no anticipation, we let the Dreamers find it out by participating in the event.
Finally, they will be eligible to win one of the Mizuno1906 prizes.

In case bad weather, the event will take place indoors.