IAAD is present at the Salone dell’Auto di Torino with WEEVIL, the innovative Sustainable Mobility Project financed by the European Union which will be exhibited on Saturday 10 and Sunday, 11 June in piazza San Carlo. This futuristic electric vehicle is the result of a international partnership that includes, beyond IAAD, CECOMP, company based in Turin active in the automotive sector. The project aims to rethink the concept of movement within urban traffic. Three modular wheels that reduce parking space requirements, an innovative design and a “magnet free engine technology” make WEEVIL not just a simple vehicle, but the Italian answer to the transport needs of the future.

Technical Data:


This new concept design provides the driver with an incredibly agile vehicle able to transit in tight roads, to twist and turn in the congested rush hour traffic and to reduce the parking space required.


To park in tight spaces a great help comes from the PINCER (Parking Cross-distance Adapter) solution: a width adjustment mechanism that thanks to the “Y” shape, and the help of the lateral forces, will allow the vehicle to further reduce its size while transiting at low speed and parking.


Fibre reinforced polymer composites have gained a substantial interest over the last years mainly thanks to the high stiffness and strength, the incredible energy absorption rate, the noise pollution reduction capabilities and the excellent resistance to fatigue. The innovative low-cost fibre-reinforced composite structure of WEEVIL is about to change things.


The innovation introduced by WEEVIL in the automotive industry starts from inside: a brand new cutting-edge magnet-free engine, a promising option for the new generation of electric motors. Constant power capability, high reliability and unprecedented safety: these are only few of the amazing features of these technologically advanced engine.


The idea is that of an innovative battery system that is developed on a standard interface between the energy pack itself and the main electronic control units of the vehicle: instead of building WEEVIL around its battery pack we decided to create different battery packs that can match with this new vehicle.


Every single element has been studied in details to minimize noise and vibrations, in order not only to reduce the impact on the environment but also to give a unique and relaxing driving experience. In the end a beautiful vehicle with and electric smart soul ad a green attitude. The impact on your funds? Minimal, like that on our planet.