The 2019 officially opens with the first edition of  TORINO TALKS, the new visionary project conceived in collaboration with the Rai Production Center of Turin and SEI, the Agnelli Foundation’s School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The event includes a dense program of talks open to the city of Turin with creatives, scientists, entrepreneurs and cultural figures from all over the world speaking about the major current issues and global phenomena in progress.

The special guest of the first appointment of the TORINO TALKS – to be held on Monday, January 21, at the Rai Auditorium – will be the writer Igor Sibaldi with a talk dedicated to the theme of social evolution. Sibaldi will discuss the evolutionary conditions and useful instructions in order to keep up with the phenomena of rapid speciation that cyclically invest contemporary society.

The special guest of the second appointment – to be held on Wednesday, February 13, at the Lingotto Oval – will be Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta UK and President of IAAD “Innovation Design” Department, with a talk dedicated to the theme of Digital Humanity. Mr. Mulgan will discuss new applications, impacts, and future implications of the technical-digital revolution on the human species.

The special guest of the third appointment – to be held on Monday, April 8, at the Rai Auditorium – will be Michele Santoro, journalist, writer and television host, with the talk “Birth, Apogee and decline of mainstream television“. 





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