IAAD presents Top Students for the academic year 2017-2018



Francesco Costantini
Academic Diploma in “Communication design”

Francesco’s thesis was developed in collaboration with Bisk8visual, the first and only skateboarding magazine in southern Italy. After an initial phase of analysis on the target audience, competitors, tone of voice, engagement, the project has included the restyling of the magazine and a reorganization of the editorial plan extended to video and photographic material. Francesco also structured a plan for sponsorship events and related press campaigns, gadgets, and other communication tools.



Giorgia Formentin

Academic Diploma in “Interior design”

Giorgia’s thesis was developed in collaboration with Archivio Tipografico. The project involved the creation of ‘Vite Mobili‘, a self-constructing guide for contemporary living. A sort of interactive notebook for ‘new nomads’ dedicated to the new habits of the Millennials generation. The project aims to help them to create with their own hands a tailor-made ‘refuge’.



Simone Antonio Leone

Academic Diploma in “Interior design”

Simone’s thesis is the result of a collaboration with the fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna. Starting from the observation of the current stores, Simone analyzed how the sales space will evolve in the coming years, and how design can intervene in the creation of a future scenario. The luxury point of sale is no longer just the background in which the act of purchase is consumed, but it is also the point of contact with the customer. The design proposal, therefore, focuses on the strengths of the company Ermenegildo Zegna in order to create a store with a strong emotional and experiential impact.



Letizia Monticone

Academic Diploma in “Textile & Fashion design”

Letizia’s thesis was developed in collaboration with Paolo Colaiocco, photographer and professor at the Italian Academy of Fashion and Design. “Viaggio nell’Oltremoda” is the first edition of (T)RIP, a magazine created to show and spread authenticity. Following a philosophical and sociological reflection, Letizia analyzed the concept ‘Oltremoda’, going beyond the simple idea of ‘fashion’ made of successful styling, impeccable tricks, enviable models and beautiful locations. The thesis project shows 50 ‘unusual’ photos taken by Letizia during the week of preparation for Andreas Kronthaler‘s catwalk show for Vivienne Westwood that took place on March 2, 2019, in Paris at the Palais Des Congrès.



Luca Morano

Academic Diploma in “Digital Communication design”

Luca’s thesis was developed in collaboration with SocialFare – Centro per l’Innovazione Sociale. The project aims to apply design to social innovation. A careful analysis of the social ecosystem has allowed identifying some critical issues related to this topic, such as the inadequate application of design methodologies, an unattractive communication and the lack of heterogeneous professional profiles. The ultimate goal is to create a digital laboratory for innovation able to generate new solutions, communicating a shared history to involve all stakeholders and increase inclusiveness.



Diletta Vignolo

Academic Diploma in “Communication design”

Diletta’s thesis was developed in collaboration with the independent record label Pan Music Production. The project involved the creation of the concept of the disc “Benvenuti in Italia” by the Turin-based group La Vergine, with relative development of the coordinated image, the launch communication, as well as the physical development of CDs and vinyl, the digital publishing plan, guerrilla marketing, the creation of a website and a music video.