IAAD presents the best graduated for the academic year 2017-2018


Sara Andrini
Degree in “Communication design”

Sara’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with Elìce Onlus, a non-profit association founded in 2012 with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of life for patients with physical or mental disabilities through rehabilitation and social integration. The project involves the creation of twelve illustrations of some of the dreams made by an Elìce patient. These sketches have been used to create a ‘calenDIARY’, an agenda, a notebook and wall panels aimed at improving the identity and the positioning of the association and raising funds for 2019.



Martina Bonan
Degree in “Interior design”

Martina’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with “Marcante Testa”, a Turin-based architecture firm. The “Home Scenography” project involves the renovation of an apartment in the Politecnico area, aimed at hosting a co-living system. The interior furnishing systems are the result of the latest research about shared living and propose new ways to share and interact with objects.



Gerardo Enrico Ciarambino
Degree in “Interior design”

Gerardo’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the architect Subhash Mukerjee. The aim is to create a social involvement area, upgrading a disused space in the Aurora district. The design approach is based on the philosophy that animates the spaces dedicated to Parkour activities. The idea was to design using Parkour in order to create a hybrid environment capable of transcending mental and spatial barriers. The concept focuses on the creation of a multifunctional outdoor space dedicated to metropolitan sports. The second target of the project aims at interconnecting different companies and local entities in the same area.



Matteo Clerico

Degree in “Interior design”

Matteo’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the architecture firm “Zeropositivo Architetti”. “Ukiyo” is a term used in Japanese jargon that means “live the moment, detached from the burdens of life”. The project is aimed at creating a living module in which to express this philosophy, a place to find yourself, leaving aside the stress of everyday life and regenerating energies. The focal point of this project is the sustainability of the interior spaces, through a high standard of interior comfort with specific attention from an environmental point of view.



Giorgio Corradi

Degree in “Communication design”

Giorgio’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with Fantini, an Italian design firm that for over 70 years has been producing high-end bathroom fittings, some of which are displayed in the permanent collection at the MoMA in New York. The project involves the creation of a user interface of a classic faucet in order to redesign the relationship between the person, the object, and the water. Starting from the design concept, the communication lines were defined with storytelling focused on “water time” and a visual identity able to convey emotional and technological characteristics of the product. From the naming to the product exposition in a showroom, everything has been designed in a coherent and effective way with the aim of integrating and strengthening the brand image.



Michele Farina

Degree in “Transportation design”

Michele’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with Materialise, a European leader in rapid prototyping. “The end of the car designers” represents a provocation, with the precise objective of convincing car designers to change their way of thinking and creating. With the help of various firms (Etra project, Co-de-it, Humatics, Cognitive Metrix), Michele has conceived an algorithm capable of autonomously creating automotive sculptures printable in 3D, starting from a photo and a psychological analysis of the user. The concrete result of this project is 5 models created by Materialize which represent the transposition into shapes of the 5 people who allowed the realization of this thesis.



Federica Dino

Degree in “Interior design”

Federica’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with Talent Garden and involves the creation of a sustainable module dedicated to co-working and designed in order to allow users to work, collaborate and connect even away from home. The module will be located in a tourist area with a dual function: on the one hand to escape from the urban context staying in contact with nature, on the other to be a valid alternative for those who need to connect to the professional world.



Federica Fontana

Degree in “Communication design”

Federica’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the publishing house Edizioni Master. The project involves the creation of a book titled “SOSSY’S JOURNEY IN THE SLEEPING CITY” which will aim to teach the Matera’s dialect to children. Each book deals with a macro topic (# 1 Day and night and idioms; # 2 local food; # 3 numbers; # 4 family and family members; # 5 names) with the aim of teaching the relative terms even to children the local dialect.



Silvia Gasparella

Degree in “Communication design”

Silvia’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the well-known streetwear brand Franklin & Marshall. The project is aimed at repositioning the brand through a communication strategy capable of constructing a precise identity for the new clothing line, without however detracting attention from the brand. The concept is closely linked to street art and the world of graffiti.



Marta Gasperini

Degree in “Communication design”

Marta’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the Turin-based studio Comodo64 and involves the creation of an unconventional communication plan for the photo exhibition titled “CRUSTY” by the photographer Ivan Cazzola. The exhibition is part of a project called Fo.To – created by the Ettore Fico museum – which aims to create a collaboration among museums, foundations, art galleries, non-profit spaces, and educational institutions, for the promotion of exhibitions, meetings, and events related to photography.



Nicolò Mangini

Degree in “Interior design”

Nicolò’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the Michelin-starred restaurant Combal.zero. This project has grown up with a premise: How much does the environment really matter in the act of eating? How much space, colors, materials, and textures can influence our experience? How can architectural and decorative elements be used to enhance or cancel a flavor? How can we stimulate synesthesia and mutual contamination? Nowadays most restaurants are designed with a purely functional point of view, simply following the principles of aesthetics and style. No one refers to the architectural context in which the dishes are served.



Cristina Sanlorenzo

Degree in “Interior design”

Cristina’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with Toolbox Coworking. Starting from the concept of sharing, the project focuses on the idea of co-living, a new way of living, relating and living in contact with people who share the same philosophy of life and seek incentives to reach new personal and professional goals in a place and context capable of supporting this process. Thus Cristina designed an ecosystem where different species coexist and adapt spontaneously while remaining independent and, at the same time, reinforcing a system of relationships capable of creating new links that turn into job opportunities.



Sofia Scanniello

Degree in “Textile & Fashion design”

Sofia’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the Turin-based fashion brand serien°umerica. The project is aimed at investigating the relationship between human beings and nature. The deepening of this theme, treated in different fields, contributes to the creation of a collection of ceremonial dresses, which are inspired by Nature, the Land Art works and the concept of cyclicity (Ouroboros).



Jacopo Tenerini

Degree in “Interior design”

Jacopo’s thesis project is the result of a collaboration with the Opera Torinese del Murialdo and is aimed at turning an old meeting point for the elderly in the Borgata Vittoria district into a real bar. The subject of the project is the beautiful church of Nostra Signora della Salute. The objective is to develop a project capable of combining the new trends of interior design with the sacredness of that place, creating a point of support for an entire community: a meeting place for people who work during the weekend, a reference point for mothers and children, a new space to be lived for people over 65.