IAAD presents Top Graduated for the academic year 2018-2019



Elisabetta Arcaroli
Academic Diploma in “Textile & Fashion design”

Elisabetta’s thesis is the result of a collaboration with “Le Globazine“, a company that creates unique tailoring pieces with fabrics inspired by the different destinations suggested by the travel blog “Globazine Touch“. The lightness of linen and the warm yellow of brooms, combined with beautiful buttons, give life to “Vico G. co“. An adventure in a dimension full of feelings, where magic and storytelling find their roots in history, culture, and popular tradition.



Francesco Arnulfo

Academic Diploma in “Product design”

Francesco’s thesis is the result of a collaboration with “THOK E-Bikes“, a company specialized in the production of electric MTBs. The project involves the creation of an e-bike. MIG-T provides an innovative vision of bicycle, designed to best adapt to city life and equipped with components that make it versatile and adaptable to the needs of the user. Equipped with integrated electric motor technology, it exploits the potential of this system for a rewarding and performing driving experience.



Olivia Beccani

Academic Diploma in “Interior design”

Olivia’s thesis project was developed in collaboration with Dear Design Around, a non-profit organization that deals with the humanization of spaces and environments in hospitals through projects that range in the field of creative disciplines. “Ad-mirabilia” is a project through which 40 young patients of the Regina Margherita hospital have been able to understand the many roles they can play in society. A cost-free installation with a scent of fir wood and bright colors: a combination of analog and digital in perfect harmony through the use of 3D printing and animations. The entire project was realized through an exhibition open to the public during the ‘Salone OFF‘ of the last edition of the Turin International Book Fair.



Chiara Briganti

Academic Diploma in “Communication design”