Transportation design – 2007

Volkswagen Design Team

Before I joined to IAAD I was academically trained as a product designer but I had always a burning desire to challenge myself in the field of Automotive Design. In 2005 I received a great opportunity from IAAD to continue my studies which helped me to get in touch with the industry very rapidly. I joined the second year directly therefore I graduated in 2007. My first professional experience was at FIAT Centro Stile 83 (through Inovo Design), where I had chance to develop ideas for family cars and several advanced phased projects. In 2008 I moved to France, I joined to Renault Design, Guyancourt, Technocentre. There, I was lucky enough to be part of the team which helped to redefine the new design language of Renault cars. The first fruit of this experience was the 2012 Clio GT/RS series. From 2015 February, I continued my experience in Germany, where I became committed member of the Volkswagen Design Team.

Since the moment I entered IAAD I find very inspiring the cultural diversity of the environment with international atmosphere. We had chance to experience real working situations, thanks to the sponsored projects what we have developed in external companies such as IDEA Institute. My time in IAAD was a truly unforgettable experience where we learned a lot from our professional masters and tutors. I wish all the very best for the upcoming generation at IAAD! Have Fun!