Laura Milani - Direttore IAAD

To be or to work as a designer? Unavoidably, to be. Choosing IAAD is first of all choose a life experience. A choice of openness, listening, reflection, knowledge, learning, experimentation, depth. We shy away the ratification, preferring the benefit of uniqueness, diversity, creativity, sensitivity, intelligence, professionalism at service of the society and its changing needs. We believe that good designers have to be good people, open to the world and in constant dialogue and listening. Excellent designers must be good people serving society with all its talents.

Do we need the millionth chair? Maybe. Our real concern is people and making their lives better in many aspects. If we need the millionth chair, we will design it and we will do it with the same passion and competence with which we contribute to the development of the strategic plan of a city. It’s a choice that IAAD makes and pursues with conviction thanks to the intellectual generosity of extraordinary and priceless professionals. IAAD teachers are professionals, it could not be otherwise: the experience through the experience, the story and the passion with which they transmit it.

Studying at IAAD is a fortune and a privilege. The result of this choice is a treasure to be shared with the entire world to make it better. Utopia or not, we believe in it, firmly.

If one day you happen – and it happens here – to talk to Giorgetto Giugiaro or Chris Bangle, Giuseppe Penone, Dennis Elliot or with Syd Mead…  a particular will be immediately clear: you will be in front of unique people and only after of extraordinary professionals. What makes them so unique and extraordinary? Certainly the personal vision of their works and world. Experience is everything and it is unique.

Laura Milani