Transportation design – 2009
Tata Motors – TRILIX srl

I was born in Turi (BA). After graduation in Industrial Design at Polytechnic of Bari, in 2006 I decided to follow my passion for cars, attending to the course of Transportation Design at IAAD.

In 2009, after graduation, I started my work experience at Centro Stile Maggiora, in which I could improve my skills about motorcycles. In 2011, thanks to the collaboration with UP Design, where I participate to the design of concept car and car interiors, I became consultant for Centro Stile Fiat, where I still work in the interior design’s team.

The most beautiful moment of my experience at IAAD was when I received the phone call in which they told me that I had won the scholarship: my dream of being a car designer was coming true! I spent three wonderful years, in a multicultural environment in which I did exactly what I wanted, I learned to draw cars and I improved my skills in the design field. IAAD is a life experience, for make new friendships and for enter in the work context.