Transportation design – 2013
Exterior and Interior Designer Renault Nissan Center India

Born in Turin in 1992, I grew up drawing and dreaming cars since childhood, one of those cases of high-octane blood, thanks in part to the passion for my father’s engines and the artistic creativity of my mother.

The last year of high school, I decided to book an interview at the headquarters IAAD of Turin, aware emerged that he had found my future way, at which I started in 2010 my path in Transportation Design studies.
Three years of exponential growth, professional and personal, of hard work and temperance, in a way to go uphill. During the second year I attended at first, with five other classmates, to the realization of the project Coupetorino MY13, in Studiotorino collaboration and Mercedes-Benz. This climax erupted in 2013, half of the last half year, with a proposal for internships by French Renault dell`azienda, obtained thanks to the expert guidance of Luciano Bove, Design Manager at the headquarters Technocentre in Paris. This was my first experience outside Italy, ended with unexpected success, to obtain a work proposal in the study design of Renault in India, where I lived and worked in January 2014 as Exterior and Interior Designer.
Thanks to the vision of my job, I learned with mastering two new languages, applied for my constant trips to cultural exchanges in countries that never would have imagined to visit, always carrying within me the experience accumulated in the past. “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work, even one day of your life.”

When I think of my experience at IAAD I often bring my thoughts to the years probably the richest and most important of my life. IAAD was for me not only the springboard for my current professional life, but a place and a unique experience thanks to its training tools: professors able to transmit their knowledge, techniques, and wide-field passions, training workshops, up to fellow students, each of them able to inspire me now as then, at every juncture, now irreplaceable friends and colleagues. Thanks to the transportation design course I embarked on a difficult path along which I could gather the crumbs of bread, let the right direction, and, after hard work and continued dedication, I was able to reach my professional goals and life. I finally became a Car Designer. Still for me a daydream.