On May 30, 2018 the new IAAD Department of “Innovation Design” has been officially launched. An exceptional team composed of some of the most important names in the field of social innovation. The President of the Department, Geoff Mulgan, in addition to being the CEO of Nesta UK deals also with a wide range of activities in the fields of investments, practical innovation and research. He is usually called to advice various international Governments. The Strategic Director, Gianpaolo Barozzi, is the Sr. HR Director & Team Intelligence of Cisco, one of the leading multinational companies specialized in the supply of networking equipment.

The Department offers a Bachelor Degree course in “Social Innovation Design” – whose Coordinator is Marco Zappalorto, CEO of Nesta Italia – and a Master course in “Innovation Design” – coordinated by Guido Meak, Founder and CEO of Nembol.

The main objective of the Department is to train designers of innovation to be inserted in several fields, including human resources sector, project managing and research and development. Professionals able to create, guide, facilitate and manage innovation in public and private realities. People ready to successfully tackle a constantly changing labour market. Future professionals will find employment in a wide range of fields: manufacturing companies and services; self-entrepreneurship in trade-related field, social and cultural fields; public administrations and territorial entities; international organizations, European institutions and non-governmental and non-profit organizations; agencies for socio-economic and tourism development.