People are the key of IAAD success and every day we strive to ensure a dynamic and serene working environment, allowing everyone to find their own space to express themselves better. Investing on professionalism allows us to respond better to the needs of our users by providing clear information and building relationships based on trust.

Professionalism, dynamism, creativity and multiculturalism are the main requirements of our staff and our employees.

If you want to work with us, please send your CV and a motivation letter, explaining the professional position you would like. We will contact you as soon as we need to figure that responds to your profile.

Professional positions

  • General Secretariat
  • Academic Office
  • Administrative Office
  • Guidance Office
  • Communications Office
  • External Relations
  • Professor

You can send CV and cover letter, indicating the role of your professional interest to: [email protected]

General Secretariat

area: secretary

The General Secretary is the first interior and exterior point of IAAD. It deals with the reception of visitors, manages the telephone traffic and the agendas of some offices. It also works as back-office to support teaching and is the first contact for students and professors.

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Academic Office

area: training

The Academic Office is in charge of relations with students and teachers, the organization of the courses, the management and monitoring of correct progress of training. It works closely with the teaching staff, organizing lessons and special activities (workshops, study visits, workshops…).

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Administrative Office

area: administration

The Administrative Office cares administrative procedures involving the academic career of the students starting from registration to the courses, the periodic monitoring, the regularity of the payments. It also deals with the institute accounting.

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Guidance Office

area: marketing

The Guidance Office is responsible for promoting the courses, in particular by organizing regular meetings of orientation in high schools and open days. The office staff is also present at the main university orientation fairs that take place in major Italian cities. The office is also in charge of the talks in enrolment in various IAAD specializations.

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Communications Office

area: communication

The Communication Office cares of the image and the communication of IAAD through traditional media, events, website and social channels through which the institution communicates to the outside. Work on MAC OS and uses the most popular software for creativity and video editing.

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External Relations

area: marketing and communication

The External Relations Office is primarily responsible for relations with the press and the media, the promotion of the brand IAAD and event organization. It also coordinates promotional activities and cultural relationship with the external communication.

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area: teaching

IAAD professor is a contemporary professional who besides teaching a specific discipline, teaches a real way of understanding, interpreting and reinterpreting reality. He’s declined in the world and time in which he lives, is updated and confronts constantly on disciplinary principles, rules and standards, sharing cultural content and goals.

He works with ethical sense, taking into account the responsibility towards the content and principles that he transmits. He stimulates students to reflect, to be curious, towards the project as a mean of reasoned expression. He shares the vision of design as a “creative science”, and as such is regulated by processes and information that are the basis of a method, to manage and control.

He encourages students to work individually and in teams, to develop their own ideas based on the needs that emerge from research and comparison.

He has professional experience under his belt gained in leading companies in the industry.

He’s available to share and transmit IAAD mission, representing it and being representative of a team of teachers and professionals.

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For all roles are essential:

• excellent familiarity in the use of computers;

• fluent English and Italian language requirement; knowledge of at least one foreign language will be considered preferential;

• good organizational skills, relationships, stress management, and problem solving;

• diploma or degree; would be appreciated previous experience in similar role.</