Product design – 2010
Designer – Chris Bangle Associates

I was born in Taranto in 1988. Since I was a child I knew that I would spent my future by drawing, and my parents have always encouraged my passion. I’ve drew everywhere, my house was always sprinkled by sheets, pens and colored pencils. I’ve spent 18 years of my life to stain everything. Someday, after high school, I started to attend the IAAD: my dream was coming true. During my years at university I collaborated with many design studios. These experiences helped me to have a more clear vision of what reality would be at the end of my education course. The university ended, my years at IAAD passed by, too much fast. It’s true that time goes faster when you’re having fun!After a brief but intense experience at Pininfarina Extra, I met an American man who looked at my work and told me “Hei, why don’t you come to work with me?”. That man was Chris Bangle; since 2010 I collaborate with him and when I have time I work as a freelancer. Since 2010 I’m going around telling “I’m a designer”.

IAAD is a forge of talents, really. The years at university were beautiful, full of meetings and experiences that have changed my life. IAAD teaches me to believe in my abilities, it teaches me to transform a talent in a job, a dream in something real.