Product design – 2012
Toy designer – Hape International Milano

I was born in Torino in 1990. Curious and imaginative since I was a child,  drawing has always been a way for me to express and  communicate my ideas… and now, making real these ideas is my job! After the Bachelor in Product design at IAAD in 2012, I started my working experience in the world of cardboard design, first with the design of cardboard furnishing, then with products for children and decorations for home, and then I’ve been for a communication and graphic agency. Until 2015, when I met Hape Toys and I entered the Hape Design and Innovation Studio in Milano. Here I design, with passion and joy, sustainable toys in wood and bamboo, which Hape is one of the world leaders. Together with the team, we invent toys that stimulate children form all over the world, with multiple guided and creative hints, to grow up and learn through games. I often travel for job, on the occasion of international fairs, to follow closely the development of the products. I learnt that in a global society, research, sharing ideas, critical attitude, together with communication and collaboration are fundamental to make an idea grow up and turn it into products, beloved by anyone, both grown-ups and children. Working in the field of toy design makes me live my childhood every day, watching children playing is the greatest source of inspiration indeed!

When I enrolled at IAAD in Product design course, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I only knew I had many ideas and a loto of curiosity for this world. From learning how to draw free-hand a straight line, to the final thesis project, everything was a discover for me: having the opportunity to face different kinds of projects, I discovered my real interests, and my limits that I have learnt to overcome, thank to the precious stimuli from my professors and the confrontation with my colleagues. IAAD has been a start, a continuous challenge, a brainstorming for the future.