Transportation design – 2011
Exterior designer – Hyundai Motor Europe

Born in Turin, I am always interested about motors and cars, a passion which I had since I was a child thanks to my dad, car replacements’ seller. I started to attend the IAAD because it was the perfect way to combine my interest for cars and the passion for drawing. Since 2014 I work at Design Center Europe di Hyundai-Kia, an unique experience which allowed me to express myself and my passion with freedom and thrill, in an “open-mind” and international environment.

My 3 years spent in IAAD were absolutely important. In those years I was introduced to the world of car design, understanding the beauty and the problems about this wonderful job. I remember kindly people, creatives and friends which today are still part of my life and share my same passions. Passion and determination are inside everyone, IAAD allowed you to discover them and make your dream come true.