Master Course in Transportation Design – 2016
Project Engineer – Tazzari Electric

I was born in Perugia in 1990. Since I was a child I liked the automotive world. Even though I attended scientific studies, I have always spent a lot of time on arts, drawing and photography. My curiosity, my talent in technical/scientific subjects and my passion for motorsport pushed me, after the scientific high school diploma, to enroll on the course of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Perugia, in 2013 I earned my Bachelor’s degree and in 2015 the Master’s degree with top grade. Despite all these goals, I didn’t feel satisfied, I knew there was a creative part of me that wanted to come out, so I chose to enroll on the master course of “transportation design” at the IAAD of Turin.

After few months, IAAD is able to give to the student the fundamentals of the main car design’s subjects: sketching, surface modeling, illustration and so on. Since the first day of course you start projects, this may look scary especially for people new in this field like I was, but professors, since classes are made of 20/25 people at maximum, are able to guide people that need more help.

Thanks to IAAD I developed a project for Changan, evaluated as one of the top 8, working first alone and then with a classmate. At the end of the course I have, also, worked with the professor Masato Inoue as a lecturer assistant. Thanks to the studies and the passion for the automotive I made my dream come true: after few weeks I started to work in Turin in a consulting company Autostudi and then in Imola in a car company, Tazzari EV, where I work at the moment as a interior/exterior designer and CAS/CAD modeler.

My experience at IAAD has been fundamental to make my dream come true: to work in the automotive design field. I will remember IAAD because of: professors’ willingness and professionalism, they are all experts and they prepare the student to work in the automotive field, the multicultural atmosphere, an aspect that stimulates the personal and professional growth; the link to big automotive companies and the possibility to meet and talk with worldwide famous designers.