IAAD takes part in the 22nd edition of “Cartoons on the Bay“, the International Festival of Cross-Media Animation and the Children’s Tv promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com. In the beautiful setting of the National Museum of the Risorgimento – on Thursday, April 12, 2018 – Laura Milani, IAAD Director and President of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Davide Borra, IAAD Coordinator of the Digital Communication Design Department and CEO of NoReal, and Chris Bangle, IAAD Strategic Director of the Transportation Design Department and founder of Chris Bangle Associates srl, will be the speakers of the conference “Powerful Tools for the Industry“, focusing on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for Industry.

On the sidelines of the round table, the architect Davide Borra will present a series of Virtual Reality projects that will allow visitors to live an exciting multi-sensory experience:

• “VRevenge of the Goldfish“, a Virtual Reality experience developed by IAAD students of the Master course in New Media & Interaction Design in collaboration with No Real. The project, inspired by the work “Revenge of the Goldfish” by the American photographer Sandy Skoglund, offers the thrill of living a multi-sensorial experience within a piece of art, interacting freely with shapes and colors and becoming the author of the work itself. By wearing the Oculus Rift and the Touch controllers, users are catapulted into the “blue room” created by the artist, surrounded by the characteristic fish, on a scale of 1: 1. From explorer to artist: at any time the user can transform himself into the artist, by acting with Touch sensors on objects within the scene, configuring it as desired in a new set of multi-sensory experience.

• ”VR reportage in Aleppo“, an immersive reportage experience in war zones (reserved for an adult audience);

• ”Gavazzi VR experience”, a “shooter” video game in VR, developed in collaboration with Partner & Partners, a leading Italian sensor producer;



“Cartoon On The Bay” website: http://www.cartoonsbay.rai.it/

Conference program: http://www.cartoonsbay.rai.it/programma-professionale-2/

“VRevenge of the Goldfish”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DRJw2lPcxY