Four students, four thesis projects and one single, beautiful collaboration for a great purpose: facilitating the interaction of autistic children with the world around them. That’s how COSMO was born, an important project aimed at raising community awareness about the complex theme of autism. 



  • Diana Ferretti – Academic Diploma in “Interior design”

Diana’s thesis is the rust of a collaboration with DU IT, a Florence-based startup that deals with research and development of multisensory therapeutic environments. The research combines two approaches to design related to autism in order to create a unique path that promotes the ability to learn in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The project involved the creation of a path divided into two rooms: a multisensory room that aims to help the child to learn certain skills and a room where the subject can gradually assimilate the skills acquired until they can control them safely in everyday life. 



  • Carlotta Gnaccarini – Academic Diploma in “Communication design”