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On March 2017 the new IAAD Master courses will start.

The last 400 hours (March 2017 – January 2018), held in English and realized in collaboration with a partner company, with whom the thesis project will be developed.

IAAD Master Courses
// Photography for communication
partner company: Fabi-Barracuda
Primary goal of the Master course is to train a new generation of professionals, able to imagine, project, realize and spread their own visions, with all the instruments necessary to face the contemporary market, where the most skilled photographers are hired not only as craftsmen but as creative directors. Scopo primario del Master è formare una nuova generazione di professionisti capaci di immaginare, progettare, realizzare e diffondere la propria visione con tutti gli strumenti necessari ad affrontare la liquidità del mercato, dove i fotografi più esperti sono assunti non solo come artigiani, ma come veri e propri direttori creativi. All the necessary tools are provided to develop the own vision and to channel it effectively analyzing an increasingly competitive market.

// Interior Architecture for Business Habitat
partner company: Miroglio group
The Master course examines the space designed both in its aesthetic, functional, relational, in use mode and symbolic values. The attention to new forms that commercial space takes on, due to the profound changes in the distribution and information technology, requires us to reinvent the places where consumers have access to goods. The program of the Master course takes advantage of collaborations and partnerships with national and international companies and professionals to better grasp the processes in its global dimension and  in the local impact, not to mention the effects on the physical form of the city as well as those social and labor distribution and of wealth.

// New Media Communication
partner company: Clementoni
The main objective of the Master is to train professionals capable of dialogue through digital media, respect and enforce the netiquette, create integrated platforms or digital marketing campaigns and evaluate their performances and development opportunities. The ambition is to work as an innovation hub, a trading environment where aspiring communicators are formed in a continuous alternation of theoretical stages, and experimental practices, acquiring gradually familiar with the methods and media design of new processes.

With the goal of training young professionals, IAAD recreates within the educational program what happens at work. One of the hallmarks of IAAD method is the constant collaboration with leading companies in the sector for the realization of joint projects and internships. Converging in the projects educational needs and those of partner companies, it creates a doubly favorable situation: aspiring designers have the opportunity to work with leader industries and the latter can monitor the future talents to be included in their organic. This system also allows to simulate the conditions of work in a professional environment: you work with precise deadlines, correcting the work in progress by following customer feedback, working in teams and by objectives.

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