Thanks to the agreement with the City of Bologna, IAAD arrives in the capital of Emilia-Romagna, where it will blend tradition and innovation in a precise cultural effort that aims to share experiences and knowledge in order to obtain joint growth. These are the at the base of a dynamic identity sensitive to the needs of the territory, whose main mission remains the promotion of culture, creativity and design.

IAAD’s mission is to offer to tomorrow’s students high-level training performed by a teaching staff composed of first-rate professionals in the following academic areas:

– Textile & Fashion design

– Communication design

– Digital Communication design

– Interior design

– Product design

The University aims to identify and employ the best resources in the territory by recruiting a mixed body of teachers consisting of elements coming primarily from the areas of Bologna, Milan, Florence and Turin, provinces strongly representative of “Made in Italy” creativity in the world.

The professionals who are interested are invited to submit their applications to [email protected]