IAAD opens first Italian specialization in “Car body architecture”, today known as “Transportation design”. IAAD’s Transportation Design Department is the flagship of the university, thanks to international partnerships such as those with Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Jaguar, Renault, Nissan, FCA Group, Alfa Romeo, Yamaha, Ducati and Piaggio.

IAAD renews management. The new Director, Laura Milani, revises and further develops operations, enabling collaboration with companies, associations and public authorities for the development of cultural projects, research, educational and work experience, with the firm intention to ensure that training is constantly updated and qualitatively of a high level. The goal is the full accreditation of the university according to national and international standards.

Instruction gain a European and international dimension with EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) accreditation, allowing IAAD students to earn formal European Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Design. The titles of Bachelor and Masters degrees from IAAD are recognised by the European university credit system ECTS – European Credits Transfer System.

In the year in which Turin is named the first World Design Capital, IAAD turns thirty and celebrates with Giugiaro Italdesign, which turns forty in the same year. From this fortunate combination was born a project, carried out jointly by IAAD and Giugiaro and donated to the city of Turin.

IAAD, in collaboration with ISIA Florence and thanks to broad support from government agencies in Turin and Piedmont, schools, industry and national associations and national and international corporate partners, activates the first Italian bachelor course in “Design of sustainable mobility and transport” (180 credits CFA).

IAAD signs an important strategic partnership with the French group AD Education, with premises in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Nancy and Bordeaux. The courses in Italy and France can be summed together and are open to students of both institutions: opening a wide range of training consistent with the specificity of their respective territories, with cross-workshops and the opportunity to continue their studies in different locations.

IAAD bachelor courses are officially recognized by Italy’s Ministry of Education, University and Research as an Academic Diploma Level I (180 CFA) with 5 possible specializations: Product Design, Interior Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Transportation Design, Communication Design. The academic year 2013-2014 begins in the new seat in Turin’s Aurora district, within the new Lavazza headquarters, with 3,000 square meters available for education, exhibitions, conferences and events. The work of regeneration and restoration of the site are accomplished by the architect Cino Zucchi with the Turin studio Peak Architects. The interiors are designed by students and furnished by Poltrona Frau, Lago and L’Abbate Italia.

IAAD activates the first edition of the Bachelor in “Textile and Fashion Design” (180 CFA). The course responds to the demand of the international market for professionals prepared to interface with the many facets of the fashion market.

IAAD activates the first edition of the Bachelor in “Digital communication design” (180 CFA) and presents it officially at MTV Digital Days. The main objective of the course is to train professionals capable of dialoguing with the public through digital media and computer science: web platforms, mobile application, multimedia, games and interactive applications, digital signage, virtual and augmented reality, semantic ontologies, entertainment.

Giorgetto Giugiaro adds a new task to his spectacular resumé with the Chairmanship of IAAD’s Transportation Design Department. So the “car designer of the century” finds room for a role at the University in order to continue his dialogue with the world of culture and with its actors, attentive to the future and to the continuous changes.

IAAD chooses Bologna, a city with a strong historical identity and a great cultural, academic and social ferment in order to confirm development in line with territorial transformation. The degree courses activated beginning with the academic year 2017-2018 – Interior Design, Textile & Fashion Design, Communication Design and Digital Communication Design – have a common denominator: the combination of design culture and specificity of the territory, a strategy that has allowed IAAD to grow significantly from its Turin seat.

IAAD celebrates its 40th anniversary and completes its team of Department Presidents with some of the greatest names in the field of design. In addition to the Cavalier Giorgetto Giugiaro, iconic President of the “Transportation Design” Department, the new Presidents are: Romeo Gigli for the Department of “Textile & Fashion Design”, Aldo Cibic for the Department of “Interior Design”, Stefano Giovannoni for “Product design “and Emanuele Saffirio for the “Communication Design” Department. 2018 also sees the birth of the new Department of “Innovation Design”, with Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta UK, as new President of Department, Gianpaolo Barozzi, HR Sr Director of Cisco and New Strategic Director, and Marco Zappalorto, CEO of Nesta Italy and new Coordinator of the Bachelors course. Completing the team is Guido Meak, CEO and Founder of Nembol and new Coordinator of the Master in “Design for Innovation”.

The First Level Academic Diploma in “Social Innovation Design” and the Master course in “Innovation Design” officially start in October under the direction of Gianpaolo Barozzi, Senior HR Director and Talent Management of Cisco and IAAD’s Strategic Director, Marco Zappalorto, CEO of Nesta Italy and Coordinator of the Bachelors course and Guido Meak, CEO and founder of Nembol and Coordinator of the Master course. In order to meet the needs of a constantly growing student body, IAAD Bologna headquarters doubles its space just two years after first opening in 2017.