Transportation design – 2014
Car designer – Ferrari spa

Born in Asti in 1991, grown up between Monferrato and Langhe, passionate and fascinated by artistic subjects, I have always been attracted to the world of automotive, motorcycle and transport. During the years of experimental course “Michelangelo Project” a the Institute of Art Benedetto Alfieri, thanks to a teacher, I found IAAD. In 2011, beginning at last the course of transportation design, with a scholarship and a great motivation, the first year flew away. During the second year, the first results, first work experience with the Camal studio located in the heart of Turin, the study that collaborated with Italian excellence brands. This experience lasted until the end of the three years, thanks to which I took part in Bicicletto SPA project presented in 2014 at the EICMA show. Mine was the Key-sketch. In February 2014 I applied the European contest organized by Honda Motor Europe “Two wheels for the woman of tomorrow”, winning it. I was offered an internship, but I was forced to decline because I had a rare and unique opportunity. And so in July 2014, a week after the thesis dissertation, I crowned a dream, I became a part of the Ferrari design team led by architect Flavio Manzoni, in which I currently work as exterior and interior designers.

The college years have been crucial to increase my skills and discover new ones. If you want to get in the game and you have great passion, IAAD knows how to bring out the best in you. Moreover, this experience has given me the opportunity to meet many professionals who have inspired me and passed on their skills. Living IAAD means immersing yourself in a stimulating environment, varied, fresh and multicultural that allows you to meet people who share similar passion and ambition. Confrontation and contamination between talents were the predominant stimuli. Many of the relationships created in the years of course still exist today.