Communication design – 2015
Graphic designer at Eataly

In 2012, during my enrollment at the University, I chose the degree course in Communication Design, as I always have been fascinated by the world of communication, in particular the editing and post production of videos and movies. So I decided to undertake this journey, moving from Rome, my hometown, in Torino. During my university studies I had the opportunity to participate in various contests: I was given the opportunity to meet various professors, professionals in various fields, and I was allowed, also, to study the most of multiple communication and advertising techniques . With IAAD also I have continued to grow as a photographer: in this regard I could take part in an architectural project, which involved an important Italian brand, using some photographs taken at the EXPO Milano in 2015. At end of the second year of the course I had the opportunity to enter the world of work thanks to my professors that allowed me to work in his company, at first as an intern and then as Junior Art Director. In these years at the agency I experienced for the first time a work experience by learning, among other things, how to manage a project and to study the various aspects of communication from concept to completion of the materials. Precisely in this way I saw my graphic ideas alive for “Modus vivendi”, exhibited in the summer of 2015 at the Automobile Museum of Turin. Furthermore, IAAD allowed me and my classmates to realize, for the thesis, the project that we called “VEDIAMOCI STASERA”, developed by the City of Torino and Torino Smart City in collaboration with IREN: on this occasion we got to approach it just like a big communication agency, developing declined content differently depending on the medium used. Today, one year from that project, I work in Turin as a Graphic Designer in the communication office of Eataly.

During the years when I attended IAAD, I realized that I have to follow my ideas, never giving up what I believe.