Transportation design – 2006
Designer- Colour & trim Piaggio & C. S.p.a.

I was born in Acqui Terme (AL) in 1983. Motors have always been part of my life: since 3 generations my family own a mechanic’s workshop/dealership so I couldn’t have any other passion. Growing up I develop a passion for drawing and so, at the end of my studies at Art Institute, I’ve been looking for my own way.
After a 3 years degree, closed with a thesis for a worldwide contest promoted by Ferrari in which I was one of the finalists, I attend the IAAD. Here I was selected among all the students for create a project for a scooter sponsored by Yamaha and the project of a vehicle sponsored by Renault.
Those was the springboard for a stage at Stile Bertone and for another at Centro Stile Piaggio. After a brief period at Fiat Officina 83 Veicoli Commerciali, I worked for a 3 years period for Yamaha Motor Europe. Here I was close to the Japanese company context and I developed a passion for color & trim.
Today I’m working again at Centro Stile Piaggio I curate color & trim and graphics.

My experience at IAAD was unforgettable. Thanks to teachers and professionalism of the school I learn the ability necessary to reach my dream: become a motorcycle designer!
I’ve got a beautiful and special memory of that period. It was intense and demanding but it was not so hard because the environment was extremely positive, creative and special.