Transportation design – 2014
Car Exterior and Interior Designer – Q id

I was born in Bogota, capital city of my beautiful country, Colombia. Thanks to my mother, I was introduced to paper, pencils and books, things which became my favorite toys. Thanks to dad I had the passion for cars and machinery and I spent my time to taking apart them and put them back together. In 2007, at the end of high school, I started my academic studies in Mechanic Engineering then, after the first day, I discovered the course of study in Product Design and , after leave Engineering, I started to attend it. In 2009, thanks to a workshop, I was informed about Car Design and I had the possibility to move in Buenos Aires for started to work in EstudioAuto. Here I met a great designer who teach me about car design, then I decided to move to Italy. In 2012 I enrolled to the IAAD where I began an adventure made of people and experiences which made me grow up and improve my skills about Transportation Design. In 2014 I graduated and, two months later the thesis, I was hired at JAC Italy Design Center where I still work today as exterior and interior designer in a talented team.

My experience at IAAD was started as a personal and professional challenge. Day by day, night by night I shared moments and experiences with people which became my friends and which gave me the tools to improve my skills. From my school friends till my teachers which gave me the right advices to face the work context. Being in a place full of creativity and ideas made me able to know a new language, another culture and to do what I love: drawing.