By Andrea Bozzo, Coordinator of the First Level Academic Diploma in “Communication design”


The tenacious desire to tell lies in the human being; its achievements, conquests, and explorations are nothing if they do not become a shared heritage. It is from this premise that the workshop will move its steps, from the awareness that without socialization of contents innovation remains sterile avant-garde, hostile in the ways and means. But how can the search for innovation and its results be made a shared language? Structuring the stories of the other workshops will be our goal, we will move in the underground channels of different topics, we will use different mediums, videos, images, words. We will listen a lot to talk to everyone. We will learn to collect and filter information, we will unite the threads of different experiences to transform them into a shared horizon to which we look together. We will try to weaken the anxiety of the unknown to realize the passion of curiosity




Born in Turin in 1969, Andrea Bosso collaborates with newspapers, publishing houses and companies. His works have appeared in or been published by The New York Times, Vanity Fair, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Feltrinelli, Il Sole 24 Ore, Origami, Corraini Edizioni, Bologna Children Book Fair. He is the consultant of Mimaster illustrazione in Milan, of the Literary Festival “Sulla terra leggeri,” of the cooperative Arcobaleno (Servizio Cartesio). Since 2016 he draws the last page of the Italian comics magazine Linus.




Socialize what you know and what you are. The future passes from the relationship, the relationship is articulated in the connection, the connection is structured in the story. The face reflects the stories, architrave of the human being, the foundation of digital