IAAD – the Italian University for Design confirms its commitment to education in creative disciplines taking part in the co/workshop organized by the CIANS (Coordinamento Istituzioni Afam non Statali),  to take place on Tuesday, January 29, at the Macro Museum in Rome.

The workshop is aimed at generating growth, choosing the best alternative and providing useful information for the development of the education sector. The meeting will be attended by the Minister of Culture, Alberto Bonisoli.

The main objective of AFAM’s institutions is to create a cognitive itinerary not only for artists, professionals and intellectuals, but also for new generations, students and the community at large.

The first part of the event, starting at 10 am, will be open to the public and will explore the AFAM Institution; the second part, beginning at 3 pm, will be dedicated to planning sessions. Four round tables will discuss topics related to the educational training in the Fine Arts. Laura Milani, IAAD Director and CIANS Vice President, will be among the speakers of the round table dedicated to “International Cooperation for Made in Italy“.