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To seal the solidity of the culture and the contemporary character of the courses and the fundamental relationship between training supply and market realities, IAAD sets the possibility for the corporate world, both public and private, to enter into a partnership in exchange and sharing of values and knowledge.
The partnership is aimed at studying the implementation and promotion of cultural initiatives and projects in the education sector, meeting the need of enhancing the knowledge and the development of design culture and the creation of concrete contacts and cross between the world of training and the business.

The partner companies are welcome to choose a type of relationship with IAAD among the ones listed below or propose one that is not mentioned. Collaborations and related modalities are agreed before the beginning of every academic year.

Partner companies can collaborate in the following ways:
// thesis projects: assigning a real project to a class which will work on the topic and will be led by a multidisciplinary team of professional experts (professors).
// individual projects of thesis: commissioning to a selected student a project of interest for the company, which will be studied and examined as topic for the final individual thesis.
// company visit and presentation: showing particular corporate processes and cases, sharing their history with future designers.
// special lessons: telling own professional experience involving students in an open dialogue.
// internships and job placement: selecting students for an internship during their studies or at the end of it, evaluating their portfolio and curriculum vitae.
// scholarship: supporting the education of young talent through an economic or technical contribution.
// national and international tenders: collaborating with designers and with a multidisciplinary team of experts, counting on a solid network of contacts for the participation to European or national tenders.
// events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions: planning, realizing and taking active part to the many events organized every year.

The partnership, which is designed as an open “place” to trade and growth, having as members public and private institutions, associations, corporations, universities and colleges … will be constantly opened to new partners in line with the fields of study, experimentation research and design of IAAD.
All partner companies will be included in the law of corporate communication IAAD – website, brochures, press releases.


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