By Gianpaolo Barozzi, IAAD Strategic Director of the “Innovation design” Department

Humans have by far the largest brain in the animal kingdom and much of that extra-volume is devoted to helping us connect with each other. This has been one of our most important evolutionary advantages. Today we live in an era of hyperconnectivity: our global digital networks have become more than just channels of information, they are the substrate of new forms of collective human intelligence, connecting our minds and knowledge systems to artificial agents in networks greater than the sum of their parts. People have already started leveraging artificial intelligence not only as a tool but as a true member of their teams and organizations. What happens to us when we connect our carbon-based intelligence with silicon-based ones? How does this new form of “networked intelligence” change us? Are new form of tribes and belonging rising? What are the scenarios we envision for this new human species and which are the solutions, products or experiences accelerating the evolution?



Gianpaolo Barozzi is a Senior Director of Human Resources at Cisco: he designs and develops new HR solutions employing emerging and innovative technologies. Graduated in Physics, he dealt with applied research in both the private and public sectors and has authored over 40 technical papers and registered 7 international patents. His professional experience has developed along an interdisciplinary path that has led him to act different Regional and Global roles, including R&D and HR. He’s characterized by strong curiosity and passion about design, art, and science, blending theory with experimentation.



Human and artificially intelligent agents deeply connected to each other in a new form of network intelligence. A synergy between human beings and machines capable of amplifying individual capabilities. A powerful connection branching through a network capable of generating an unprecedented collective consciousness, giving access to unexplored levels of knowledge.

That’s the scenario behind the creative activity of these days.

An integrated, global and omnipresent network that puts emotions at the center of human relationships in a hyper-connected reality; one establishing a common, collaborative, and empathic language in a world of unconnected microsystems; a new form of collective knowledge to which everyone may have access and contribute; or perhaps a powerful tool that, in the wrong hands, could make possible levels of manipulation and control until now beyond human experience.

The future is in our hands.