Transportation design – 1998
Exterior Design Manager – Ford of America and Lincoln Motor Company

After a short period at Stile Bertone, in 2001 I started to work at Ford of Europe where, as external designer, I gave my contribute to the creation of Kinetik Design. The most important vehicle of that period was Ford Iosis, then I contributed to the projects of S-Max, Mondeo ’07 and New KA. As manager in Europe I follow the projects of the actual Focus wagon, Vertrek and Mondeo/Fusion 2013 in which I define the external theme and style.
Today I work in USA at Lincoln and at Advanced Design Department at Ford of America.

My experience at IAAD was fundamental for the start of my professional course: it represents my first approach to professionals of car design.
Teaching had an approach very pragmatic , thanks to teachers that guarantee an education in step with times, techniques and softwares, contributing to created professionals, ready for work in bug companies. In brief, IAAD was and is a “bridge” between school and working contest.