Transportation design – 2012
Junior designer at Italdesign

I was born in Asti and, since I was a child, I am interested about creativity and design. Thanks to the support of my family, I decided to attend the IAAD to make true one of the most important dream of my life. During university I compared myself with different people, connected by the same passion. At the same time I had an internship at Quartostile S.R.L. as Alias modeler and designer. My project of thesis, Giugiaro Bellavita, developed in collaboration with Marco Del Gaudio and Marco Reggiani, was an Urban Car, created for a future in which people will be less interested to driving in the traffic. After the creation of the scale model, I had a stage at Italdesign Giugiaro and then a real job as Junior Designer. There I worked on projects as Giugiaro Parcour, VW Stromer, VW Upload! as designer and also ad Alias modeler.

The experience at IAAD was unique: there I had the opportunity to meet new friends and to share successes and failures, supporting each other but never losing the happiness and the positivity. IAAD is an excellent school in which grow up professionally.