Transportation design – 2014
Exterior Advance DesignerFerrari


Alain Abramo was born in L’Aquila in 1992, he grew up in Latina where, in 2010, he graduated from the Scientific High School. Even as a child he was passionate about sports cars, infected by his father who often took home prototypes of supercars he tested. He discovered the world of design and IAAD quite by chance, during an Educational Fair in Rome.

He joined the IAAD in 2011. Since he had never drawn before, he had to work very hard during his studies, but thanks to the continuous incentives by the educators, the friendship and competition established with his fellow students, he has always been encouraged to improve himself. During the third year at IAAD he began to see the results of his efforts, as shown by his first work experience with Camal, the thesis project with Italdesign Giugiaro and, above all, his great ability to create and visualize any concept and form he could think of. In April 2014 while he was working on his thesis project, he received a proposal that would have been unthinkable just three years before, joining Ferrari Design team, where he now works as an Advanced Exterior Designer. 

“Studying at IAAD was a unique and fundamental experience for my education, both at a professional and personal level. These three years have taught me not only to give in to failures but also that, with passion and hard work, you can achieve any objective. Educators continually incited and stimulated me, the college buddies have been a second family to me. All these features have made IAAD a unique reality to live in.”