Interior Design – 2015
Exhibition Designer – Bodino Srl

My name is Adelaide, i’m twenty-five and i’m an happy person, and this is, clearly, a crazy way to start a biography. Curiosity is an intrinsic feature in me, I have it since I was a child and I used to paint my room’s wall with nail polish. Together with curiosity I merge my daily commitment, in order to create projects exactly like I imagined them. Commitment is an ingredient a little more difficult to cultivate, it is missing in the issues that we consider less interesting and is almost nil when something involves us. People use to that, when you are lucky, the commitment is repaid, and if this is true I feel a very lucky person.

I graduated at IAAD and subsequently I had a master degree in Interior, Exhibit and Retail Design at the Polytechnic University of Turin. I had the chance to work with one of the biggest engineering companies in Turin, which allowed me to crown one of my greatest professional desires and become an Exhibition Designer, winning also the first award, in 2017, for the design of a stand as a “best stand”.

I believe that what really makes me a designer is my passion, an ingredient that probably is what makes the difference. I put my heart into everything I do, and this passion allows me to transmit to others – even to those who don’t understand anything about design – just how beautiful this profession is. “Let’s get it on with passion, determination and never stop dreaming!”

I owe a lot to IAAD, because I would never have become the professional I am today without this opportunity and without having met some people who allowed me to figure out my own path.